The Doon School Yearbook
2018 Edition—Team Size: 4

The Doon School Yearbook is produced entirely by high school students from planning to photography, and from writing to design. The core aim of the Yearbook is highlighting student life and the school community's involvement across activities. Thus, about three quarters of the Yearbook outlines the events that have taken place around School, along with the membership of various student groups and organisations.
Sports events tend to be one of the most anticipated events in School. Thus, the 'Sports' section captures numerous noteworthy moments in the form of images and statistics.
The Yearbook uses students' photography to break sections.
Using 'Circular Std' for headings and 'Freight Text Pro' for body copy, we were able to make effective use of a serif and sans-serif pair. The largely geometric style of Circular Std fit well with current design trends.

We were also able to create the right balance of subtlety and contrast due to the various weights available on 'Freight Text Pro'.
In the 'Arts' section, we aimed to encapsulate statistics from competitions along with Students' works. 
The 'Houses' section showcases a House's achievements and its constituent students, along with notable moments that took place during the year. 
The 'Special Section' in the Yearbook is often the most-awaited and strictly confidential segment of the Yearbook. With this edition of the Yearbook, we aimed to capture the architectural landscape of School, associated stories, and its progression. 

Utilising numerous blueprints, maps, and archived information, we were able to develop a wonderful narrative behind the progression of the School's architecture and its influence on student life. To add a tinge of humour, we incorporated various comics (from history) in this section.
The 'SC Leavers' section aims to encapsulate the personalities and personas of every individual in the graduating batch of the School. We aim to personalise every individual's space and provide more attention than a simple formal picture and quote. Thus, we also encapsulate the person's responsibilities while in School and achievements. Furthermore, we gather opinions of the individual from teachers and peers to make the section truly personal.

With this edition, we also experimented with the addition of a personalised 'doodle' to accompany every individual's "profile". With ~100 students in the outgoing batch, designing this section is moderately difficult and required particular attention to detail from the design team.
The cover page is an image of the School's amphitheatre captured by a student.
Designing this 250-page publication from the ground up was no easy task, and I would like to thank my fellow team members for working together and with me through this process.

Thank you for viewing this project!
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