I was having a random headache, so I decided to sit for a one-hour design sprint.
This is the result of that sprint—a clean UI for a music player app.
Considering that most mobile devices do possess high-resolution displays (1080p and above), I figured that rendering a display serif font like Kepler Std shouldn’t be too problematic. So, using the Kepler Std family, I designed two basic screens for a somewhat good-looking music player app.
I visualise it as fairly simple. There are a few action buttons for basic controls. A swipe to the left or to the right will play the next or the previous song; a swipe up will display the queue; a swipe down from the top will bring the user to a home screen displaying a list of songs.
If only I knew how to make those cool-looking motion UIs you see all over Dribbbble!
This is my first UX/UI design 'project'. I'd love to hear your feedback! Thank you.
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