ds. Tech is a technology-themed magazine published in The Doon School, Dehradun on an annual basis. The magazine is intended for digital publishing, and was published in October 2017.
Keeping in mind the identity of the magazine, I stuck with a modern design which is pretty similar to Google's Material Design. There is a clear z-axis hierarchy, with objects imposing shadows to highlight hierarchy. 
I used a single sans-serif font—Source Sans Pro—for this project, primarily because I wanted to break away from the mainstream usage of geometric sans-serif style fonts at the time.
My peers built a sandbox with Augmented Reality technology to project contours lines and colours onto a sandy surface. The projection changes in real-time based on the relative height of peaks and troughs in the sandbox. This was built as part of the Computer Science Exhibition held in School.

A report on the project, besides other project reports, was published in the magazine.
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