Hi there!
As you probably know by now, I'm Amal. I'm a student in my senior year of high school (grade 12).
I love solving problems using interdisciplinary approaches. Although much of what you'll see here is my Graphic Design projects, I enjoy 3D Modelling and using Design Thinking routines to solve problems too.
Amongst my diverse interests is computer programming too. In 2016, I built a personal assistant program called 'Paul' which is pretty much a primitive clone of Apple's Siri. 
I've found a deep-rooted love for writing over the past year (2018) too, and you can find my work on my Medium page. In there, you'll find my experiments with humour, and occasional rants about the world. 
I guess it's something about "making things"—whether it's a magazine, a computer program, or an electronic circuit—that makes life so interesting and fun!
Thank for dropping by my portfolio-ish thing! Feedback and communication is welcome!
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